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I’ve worked with RD Energy for years. They’ve helped me find great natural gas and electricity prices, helped me establish a Peak Load Management program as well as earn an annual income from Demand Response for the plants. They are always there when I need them and very responsive. “- -Phil M. Large Industrial

How can RD Energy benefit your business?  As Certified Energy Procurement Professionals with over three decades of energy experience, we bring great value in an assortment of ways.

RD Energy takes electric pricing and contracting to a whole new level. Saving money is important and knowing you’ve gotten a good deal makes you appreciate your purchase even more. There are many businesses today that believe getting the best price on their supply is king.  However, there is much more to a buying strategy than price.

RD Energy provides a unique electric pricing tool like no other…our Customer Scorecard. This innovative tool provides our customers daily pricing from many of the biggest names in electricity supply.  Plus we highlight the lowest price on the scorecard!  Every supplier’s price is on the Customer Scorecard so your business can be assured of receiving a very competitive price and know that you’ve done your due diligence.  Picking the best daily real-time price and getting contracted in minutes has never been easier or more transparent.

In today’s energy market, natural gas is sold with all types of confusing wording: ccf, mcf, dth, MMBtu ,city-gate, burner-tip, utility billed versus supplier billed. A customer may ask several suppliers for pricing and get prices in a variety of ways.  It doesn’t have to be this difficult or confusing.  RD Energy provides extremely competitive, clear and precise natural gas pricing along with a burner-tip, utility billed supplier contract so there’s no confusion now or later.  The price on the contract is the price on the bill.

It is critical to note that although price is very important, we at RD Energy know for a fact that the entire energy strategy must be known and reviewed continually. We also know that knowledge is power. RD Energy continually brings our customers the knowledge and experience to help keep them up to date on the energy market, the factors driving wholesale prices, and the optimum times to buy.

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