13 Reasons Why: $100,000 Pyramid


The 100,000 Pyramid

Remember the game show when you would start out on the bottom tier of the pyramid and as you worked up to the peak you would earn more money topping out at $100,000?  Those near my age probably remember it.  This example doesn’t work as well for the younger folk.  For you younger decision makers, congratulations on rising in the ranks quickly, and trust me that the show existed for a numbers of years on network TV!

I reference this game show because RD Energy has its own energy pyramid  that works along the same lines.  The more you move up the chart the more money you save to lower your company’s energy costs.  If you have read the first 3 parts of our “13 Reasons Why: RD Energy” series you know we are data driven.  Our pyramid starts by reviewing your load data. That is the basis of a strong strategy. From there we help you make better buying decisions by implementing a strong overall buying strategy and providing market updates to help you better understand the wholesale market.

By moving up further up the pyramid the savings grows.  Have you heard of Peak Load Management?  Demand Response?  Don’t rule out the possibility your company can benefit from either program.  Let’s review your data and make an informed decision.  We’ve ran into many large consumers who believe Peak Load Management and Demand Response can’t help them, believe it’s too complicated, too risky or too good to be true.  Don’t assume anything.  These programs are a large part of an overall strategy designed to substantially lower the company’s energy spend.  Let’s try to help you get to the peak of the pyramid and get the $100,000 or whatever amount your business can achieve.

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