13 Reasons Why: 60’S Flashback: When Will They Ever Learn? 


60’S Flashback: When Will They Ever Learn?

Peter, Paul and Mary were one of the most famous folk music groups from the 1960s.  You can watch their videos on YouTube right after you watch our video in episode 6 of the 13 Reasons: Why RD Energy.  One of their greatest hits was “When Will They Ever Learn?”

That phrase applies in two primary ways in the energy business today.  First, when will the telemarketers who call every week learn that customers are tired of it and won’t take their call?  Second, when will customers learn that brokers are not all the same and a company like RD Energy is smartly different than those calling each week?

I like to say that RD Energy is a 1% company.  99% of the brokers and suppliers calling you and stopping by your office know little about energy.  RD Energy is the rare 1% that does know about energy and can help educate and strategize a plan to lower your energy spend.  On the other hand, customers need to realize that energy is often complex and has a language all to its own.  Having a 1% company like RD Energy helps you see clearly through the complexity so it all makes cents.  Yes I meant cents instead of sense.

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