13 Reasons Why: A Job Done Right Needs the Proper Tools 


A Job Done Right  Needs the Proper Tools

Small commercial accounts have limited tools in their box.  Their only tool is finding the best price.  We help our smaller clients find the best price with our price “Scorecard”.  We also help them by looking ahead at the wholesale markets for opportunities to fix a price at a savings. Timing the buy right and helping them find the best price among suppliers, although very important, is about all we can do for them.  Of course that’s more than the vast majority of high pressure brokers do when all they want is a signature on the bottom line.

For larger accounts like manufacturers, large school systems, cities and villages with water treatment and waste water plants, Grocery stores, and any large energy user with back-up generation  there are more tools available to fix their bottom line.  The vast number of suppliers and brokers don’t want to discuss them because:

A.) It’s a value added service from which no income is made by the broker/supplier

B.) They don’t know about the products

RD Energy does know about the products and views value added services as something that has proven valuable to the clients.

A short one-on-one meeting or short webinar opens  the client’s eyes  to the savings potential.  It makes them wonder why they haven’t been doing it for years.  Watch our second animated video to find out more about these savings tools.  I’m happy to meet with anyone who wants to discuss it more and start the analysis of the savings potential.

Having tools available that can make a project easier isn’t much good unless you know the tools exist and know how to use them.  I may not be able to build a playset in the yard, but I can sure help you build a better energy strategy to lower your energy spend.

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