13 Reasons Why: Cleaning Up a Big Bucket of Ugly


Cleaning Up a Big Bucket of Ugly 

At RD Energy I’m a big part of the maintenance crew.  I’m always on the job to clean up the perception that energy brokers, energy suppliers and telemarketers are all the same. It’s a lot of work to show misconceptions, to correct aggressive, relentless and rude telemarketing practices, and prove that we are not all in the same big bucket of ugly.  Several clients have told me recently that when they replied to a phone solicitor “no thanks” and they were very happy with their broker (RD Energy) the telemarketer called them ignorant and hung up on them.  Rude actions like these do reaffirm the positive nature and results of working with RD Energy, but it makes me cringe to think about reaching out to new, potential clients after they’ve experienced aggressive calls.   It makes my job of trying to show how we’re different much more difficult.

Hopefully we are helping to clean up the “bucket of ugly” in your mind that all brokers are all the same.  We’re not.  As mentioned in an earlier part of the series, I believe RD Energy is part of the 1% that works extremely hard with its clients to help educate them on the energy markets.  The goal is that when we make supply and buying decisions together, your confidence is high that smart and timely decisions have been made and they have the support detail to back it up if someone asks “why?”.

Please let me know when you have time on your calendar to meet.  I’ll show up ready to clean up the perception that all brokers are in one “big bucket of ugly”.  Our customers know we’re uniquely different.  We’re creative, responsive, knowledgeable and forward thinking.  We’re looking forward to meeting with you to prove our value and clean up your perception too.

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