13 Reasons Why: How Do You Crack The Nut in Central, Ohio?


Our final question, “how do you crack the nut to success.”  Maybe for a manufacturer your quest is to figure out how to make the production and distribution process leaner and more efficient. Finding high quality and very competitively priced parts so your product sales, quality and profits can be high.  Management and Operations is always looking for the best way to “crack the nut” on how to make the best product for the best price to gain the competitive edge.

If you are a city or village, you are always trying to figure out how to balance what the majority of residents want in relation to how much tax they are willing to pay.  If community residents and businesses don’t agree with how you are spending their tax dollar whether you are asking for a tax increase or not, come election time someone else may take your place in trying to “crack the nut”.

Schools are always trying to balance funding with programs.  Parents and kids want good teachers, education, music and sports programs and are often against new school tax levies at the same time that government funding is being cut.  Administrators are always trying to “crack the nut” of balancing school performance with the cost of school performance.

We at RD Energy are trying to “crack a nut” too.  How do we get through to energy decision makers who have been bombarded with aggressive and often rude telemarketing, door to door sales persons and deceptive sales practices?  How do we differentiate ourselves in an atmosphere where energy decision makers don’t know who to trust? How do we help them filter out the experts from the cold callers?

Our answer is very simple if we can just get energy decisions makers to listen.  We talk knowledgably, honestly and responsively to our clients.  We review their data and operations and help them include the major tools available to them to meet or beat budgets and most often reduce their energy spend.  We educate our clients, we show prices in an unbiased and transparent way and we respond quickly when questions arise.

Thank you for reading and watching our 13 REASONS WHY RD ENERGY.  We hope the series has been enlightening, enjoyable and eye opening.  We now simply and kindly ask for an opportunity to keep the education and communication going and give us the chance to meet and discuss your energy strategy.  Give us the chance to crack our nut of getting new clients and new success stories and we’ll work hard to help you crack your success nut whatever that may be.  We will reach out soon to schedule a meeting or phone conference in a very gentile and no pressure way.

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