13 Reasons Why: Knowledge and Experience


Knowledge and Experience

When you start the hiring process for a professional position what qualities in a person do you want most?  Experience, knowledge, integrity, honesty and team player rank right at the top.  If you find out later that even one of these components is missing, the chances are very slim that the person hired will meet expectations.

I started working at Columbia Gas in January 1981.  Instead of trying to figure out my age, just realize that over the past 36 years I’ve always worked in the energy business; accounting, marketing department, Director, Vice President and General Manager at various Fortune 1000 energy companies until taking ownership of the Ohio energy broker RD Energy in 2008.

It’s safe to say that all those phone calls you get each week are paid telemarketers from a Call-Center somewhere in the U.S.  They know nothing about energy, but are pros on how to be aggressive, not take no for an answer and are really good at selling their supplier price of the day.  Many of these phone calls are from operators actually paid by the supplier themselves.  Many are calling from out of state.

Our clients know that we at RD Energy are focused on the lost qualities of customer service and customer education.  We work together with our customers to help them make smart decisions based on current and relevant data.  Isn’t it better to make decisions that are data driven than being conned into a bad price by listening to a professional telemarketing hitman?

It’s hard to place a value on knowledge and experience.  However, I strongly believe that our clients would agree that working together RD Energy gives them the highest degree of confidence in achieving their best results.  Knowledge, experience, integrity, honesty and working as part of your energy team is what defines us.

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