13 Reasons Why: RD Energy in Heath, Ohio

We’re All Looking For Answers- Let’s Find Them!

An Energy Education Series

“13 Reasons Why: RD Energy” is a short email series where we strive to answer why your company should highly consider partnering with an energy broker from Ohio that you’ve never heard of.  In the end, we hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you to see if we can set your company’s energy purchasing plan on a new or improved path.

One of our life long mysteries is trying to figure out who we are and what are we supposed to do.  What makes us tick?  What drives us?  How do we want others to view us?  From our youth we have struggled to figure it all out.

I’ve spent decades in the energy industry and have had several stops along the way and many energy learning opportunities. As the owner of PUCO certified energy broker RD Energy I’ve worked hard and spent countless hours trying to figure out what makes us tick.   What drives us?  How do I want others to view us? Why should customers use RD Energy over the countless other brokers that exist? Why should they count on us to help them manage their energy spend and lower their costs?

Let’s lower costs, lower stress and restore your faith that all energy industry folk aren’t aggressive and relentless telemarketers. “13 Reasons Why: RD Energy” will hit your inbox each Tuesday and Thursday over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy these short emails and videos!  Your feedback is always welcome.  I welcome the opportunity to meet you this summer to discuss how we can make your energy program tick a little better!

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