13 Reasons Why: Road Trip- Never Start Out Without Good Directions 


Road Trip:  Never Start Out Without Good Directions

Most of us are scheduling vacations and looking for some relaxation.  Good directions is the key to getting where you want to go and getting there safely without added stress and family disagreements.  Who wants stress on vacation?  What we should never do is hit the road with no plan and no directions.

It’s probably obvious by now that we advocate for a well-organized and thorough road map to reach your energy spend destination.  By reviewing your bills and usage data we can discuss with you which route is best.  Is our “Price Scorecard” with multiple supplier pricing all you need to make sure you get the best competitive price in a very transparent format?  Or does your load data lead to a route that includes more than just the best price option?

When you think about your company’s energy budget and energy spend think about the trip you took to get your current results.  Did you get a “Price Scorecard” providing an unbiased supplier price comparison?  Did you take a short-cut in making a buying decision?  Is your energy buying process stressful partly because you don’t feel like you know enough about the subject to make the best decision?  Are you being provided an ongoing supply of energy information so you are more confident in making buying decisions and can take advantage of market opportunities?

A fine-tuned energy procurement strategy is much like planning a vacation.  Do your homework, set some goals and get educated.  You want to understand the roadmap and be able to analyze the results.  RD Energy can be your energy procurement travel agent so you don’t get lost on the path to a lower energy spend.

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