13 Reasons Why: We Make You See Stars – 5 Star Customer Google Reviews


We Make You See Stars – 5 Star Customer Google Reviews

The number one way to find new customers is to be referred by current ones.  We have many clients who depend on us to play a part in each and every energy decision they make:  Manufacturers, Distributors, Warehouses, Grocers, large restaurants, cities and villages.  How would you rate your current energy broker or supplier?

We’ve heard it many times when customers sign an electric of natural gas contract.  “My broker helped me sign up 3 years ago and I didn’t hear from them until it was time to contract again”.  RD Energy customers don’t say that.  Our customers get monthly newsletters, periodic phone calls, occasional visits and timely responses when and if a question or concern comes up.  We’re proactive in providing them new information we think they should know and often we just call them to see how things are going.

We’re proud of our customer loyalty, our 5 star Google reviews and our customer testimonial page.  How would you grade your energy broker or supplier?  How often do you hear from them?  What do they do for you?  Are they why you have a bad perception of brokers?  Please read our Google reviews and ask yourself, “Do I have that?”  I believe that you will say instead, “I want that!” We want to work with you and earn your confidence and trust so that you’ll be our next 5 star Google review!

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