13 Reasons Why: We’re Rolling Back Prices


There is no denying that we all like a good deal.  Buying a product that we want or need at a cheaper price makes us all feel like we have won.  If you can pay lower, why wouldn’t you? Especially on a necessity like electric.  I know you think I’m saying that we can find you a lower price through our unbiased and transparent competitive supplier “Customer Scorecard”.  While this is certainly true I’m talking about another way many manufacturers, cities and villages as well as schools can lower their price.

An electric supply price is made up of 4 basic parts.  One of the parts is called “capacity”.  It makes up 25 – 35% of the total supply price that appears as the supply price on your utility bill.  Look at the price on your bill and then ask yourself how much lower your bill would be if that price shown was 10%, 20% or even 30% lower.  If a customer spends $50,000 on their electric supply costs each year, how exciting would it be to reduce that cost by $5000 – $15,000?

Each customer pays capacity charges each year based on how much electric they use during the 5 peak hours on the regional electric grid each summer.  So how do you lower your capacity charge?  RD Energy  notifies clients when a peak hour is likely to occur so your business, city or school can reduce usage during those hours.  End result?  When the electric grid is getting ready decide what your charges are for the next year they look back to the summer before to see how much electric you used during the 5 peak hours.  The national grid sees lower numbers than the year before because of your usage cut back and then bills the supplier based on the new lower number.  Is this possible?  Is this real?  Is this some type of magic?  Nope, just RD Energy doing what it does for its clients in the program each year.  Does RD Energy benefit from this?  Nope not directly.  This is a value added service whereby the customer keeps 100% of the savings.  Where we benefit is when our clients appreciate what we do, renew contracts and posts 5 star performance reviews on Google business reviews and when they tell other businesses about what we do.  The best form of gratitude for us is when our clients refer us to others.

Want to reduce bottom line costs, lower the cost of production, lower the tax burden on residents and have more money available for programs to benefit the kids?  Let’s talk and see if this program can work for you!

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