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RD Energy is a PUCO Certified Retail Power Broker and Certified Retail Natural Gas Broker to Industrial, commercial and residential accounts throughout much of Ohio. RD Energy President Darrell Bragg is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers.

RD Energy is a member of the Energy Professionals of Ohio (EPO), the endorsed energy broker for the ECO Food Dealers Association, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and is a member of several business associations including the Licking County Chamber of Commerce.

RD Energy’s core business focus is on: deregulated natural gas sales, deregulated electric sales, Demand Response and Governmental Aggregation.

In an ever-changing market, RD Energy provides support and guidance in natural gas and electric purchasing decisions. We offer savings and risk protection in a volatile energy market by providing predictable billing options based on the latest market conditions and trends. Simply put, RD Energy provides the knowledge and tools necessary for you to make confident decisions about your energy selections.

RD Energy’s electric customers buy with confidence and transparency with our unique electric supplier Customer ScorecardThe Customer Scorecard provides a variety of major supplier prices.  Allowing the customer to easily compare pricing and contract in real time knowing that you’ve done your buying due diligence.

Large electric users are finding it possible to earn income to fund capital projects or lower their energy costs by participating in PJM’s Demand Response program. The more MW demand a large electric customer can cut back during electric grid operator PJM called critical events the more income is available for the business.  If no critical event occurs, which is very possible and does happen, the income is still earned by just being available to reduce usage should a critical event would occur and by passing an annual one hour curtailment test.  RD Energy can help businesses determine if they qualify for the program and will facilitate their enrollment in the program with a Curtailment Service Provider.

Governmental Aggregation: Communities large and small around Ohio has seen the benefits in buying as a group. The benefits are often better than buying individually.  The long list of steps to get an aggregation program started seems daunting to many community leaders.  Even more community leaders realize the political fallout should a program be viewed unfavorably by the community members they represent.  RD Energy makes the process go much smoother by overseeing each and every step in the process and making sure that the community is serviced by the supplier with an excellent in bound call center with a dedicated toll-free number, a dedicated web page for members to gain information, annual reports showing program statistics as well as receive pricing plans that are both competitive with neighboring programs and uniquely designed to offer pricing community members can’t receive on their own.  RD Energy is PUCO certified to help communities through the natural gas and electric aggregation process.

We currently service industrial, commercial and institutional businesses in the following areas in Ohio:

– Natural gas: Dominion East Ohio Gas, Columbia Gas of Ohio, and Duke Energy. (residential customer pricing available behind each of the gas utilities)

– Electric: AEP – Columbus Southern Power & Ohio Power, the First Energy utilities (Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison and Cleveland Illuminating), Duke Energy and Dayton Power and Light.

RD ENERGY MISSION:  To provide a resource in this volatile and ever changing energy market for our customers to rely on for support and guidance in their natural gas and electric purchasing decisions so that those decisions are based on insight and facts supported by the latest market conditions and trends.

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