Our Mission

Our Corporate Goals:

  • Provide information and facts of the energy market so decisions are based on knowledge
  • Provide honest and timely customer advice so decisions can be made with confidence
  • Be available so customers can feel supported

Customer Results:

  • Customers make smarter decisions based on knowledge rather than gut reactions
  • Customers don’t feel alone when making buying decisions so they feel more confident
  • Customers who know their source for information and advice is only a phone call away and know a return call will come quickly will feel supported and thus be a loyal customer

Mission Statement

To provide a resource in this volatile and ever-changing energy market for our customers to rely on for support and guidance in their natural gas and electric purchasing decisions so that those decisions are based on insight and facts supported by the latest market conditions and trends.

“We are committed to honest and timely service, providing you with advice based on the latest market trends, allowing you to feel more confident in your purchasing decisions.”

– Darrell Bragg, President, RD Energy

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