Darrell Bragg, President of RD Energy

Darrell Bragg with RD Energy of OhioDarrell Bragg, President

Energy efficiency can mean more than better equipment or better insulation. To the consumer it can also mean a better buying strategy so that your price and time is most efficiently used to create a stronger energy budget plan. As President of RD Energy my focus is on getting customers to see through all the telemarketing phone calls, door to door solicitation sales and direct mail sales efforts the true picture: that these other sales oriented only companies are focused only on closing a sale much like the many stock brokers calls often receive. We want to teach and demonstrate that our focus is on having informed and trusting customers who rely on us for up to date market intelligence, honest market commentary and competitive pricing so that their primary focus can be on running their own business with an energy budget under control that is achieved through the use of strategic buying practices formulated and communicated by their energy partner RD Energy.

Darrell Bragg with RD Energy of OhioI’ve worked in the natural gas and electric business for over 30 years. One of the primary things I’ve learned is that energy buyers feel better about their Energy decisions when they have a strong bond with their energy advisor and have a good understanding of the energy market. Knowledge is Power. As a Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP) received from the Association of Energy Engineers I have a greater grasp than most of what is truly important to a Buyer: Getting a good and fair competitive price, optimizing all the management tools available to lower the total energy spend as well as having in place an overall energy supply buying and operating strategy.

The same importance holds true whether the buyer is a manufacturer, a restaurant, a building management company, a grocer, a lumber company or a city or village council. We are all too familiar with the vast number of aggressive and relentless telemarketing calls that has plagued Ohio. The unfortunate fact is that those calling relentlessly seldom if ever know anything about energy. They are experts in telemarketing and getting a favorable response from the person called. Many companies who can’t say no to these phone solicitor professionals end up with bad pricing, bad contracts and a bad feeling about all involved in energy sales. As President of RD Energy I make sure you understand the highlights of the wholesale energy markets and why the market is trending the way it is. I make sure that the RD Energy team provides you with competitive pricing from a variety of suppliers while exploring whether products like Demand Response and Peak Load Management can help further reduce you overall energy costs. We understand the importance of meeting or beating your energy budget and controlling your energy spend.

My personal guarantee is that the RD Energy team will provide your business timely pricing, timely contracting and timely service. You won’t be left wondering when we will get back in touch or if we’ll respond at all. It is critically important to us that we manage our customer’s expectations at every point along the way; from initial contracting, to contract renewal to customer bill review and to customer questions. Every customer large and small are given the same exceptional level of service.

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