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In the State of Ohio, deregulation has allowed companies a chance to decide on their commodity supplier.  Suppliers are motivated to differentiate their products by developing innovative features and pricing plans. This means that this is the best time to shop for a supplier with pricing and options that will best fit your company’s needs.

This deregulation has launched an avalanche of telemarketing effort by suppliers, brokers and consultants like never seen before. Most customers saved money initially off high utility rates when the wholesale electric market was at or near a historical low price level. In the beginning saving money off the utility rates was easy, but now the fact is many customers are paying more than they should.  While customers may be saving on the utility rate, their supplier could be charging them excessive fees to renew their contracts or because they are buying on a variable rate after the initial fixed rate contract term has expired.

The reason: they answered the phone or door and signed up for what they thought was a great electric price. Unfortunately both large and small electric consumers purchased their electricity through telemarketers and door to door sales technique in great numbers.  It’s not hard to imagine why, since these sales people are just that, sales people.  They do not have the knowledge or training to get you the best electricity price. In the beginning of deregulation seeing savings was easy.  Now consumers need to work with experienced energy professionals to maximize savings and buy confidently.

Since its inception in January 2005 RD Energy has been educating their customers about the wholesale energy markets; when to buy as well as how to get the best competitive price.  More importantly how does a customer wade through all the phone solicitation calls, door to door sales offers and direct mail offers to actually make a smart, educated electric choice?

RD Energy’s intensely loyal customer base knows the answer to these questions. By having RD Energy as their energy partner they can discard the aggressive sales methods, understand the energy market and once they contract with a supplier, have the confidence to feel great about the electric price and term contracted.

RD Energy knows that Knowledge is Power.  Rather than show their customers just one supplier’s electric price RD Energy does something few brokers have demonstrated the ability and willingness to do. They provide a electric price Scorecard so customers get to see, in a very transparent way, real time electricity prices available to them based on their individual load pattern. Customers will have the ability to contract their selected price in a matter of minutes.  The customer can then file the scorecard away to have a record of why they chose the price and supplier that they did.

As a RD Energy customer you will have the comfort and confidence of being able to determine your electric price based on using the Scorecard and due diligence efforts of RD.  The information will be at your fingertips.

RD Energy provides this same Scorecard to the very largest industrial customers as well as to the very smallest commercial accounts.  Horror stories abound about businesses buying a fixed rate over the phone only to find out that the price wasn’t what they thought it was or that there was a major “gotcha” when they received their billing.  As a Certified Energy Procurement Professional from the Association of Energy Engineers,  RD Energy takes electric energy buying to a level of integrity and transparency rarely seen.  As a Certified Power broker by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and a proud member of the highly ethical and energy watchdog,  Energy Professionals of Ohio, RD Energy provides customers with the knowledge and insight they need to make the smartest energy choice.

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