Do you live in Ohio? Do you own a business in Ohio?  Looking for the best electric rate?  Ohio’s consumers are being bombarded with electric offers via phone calls and direct mail.  How do you know you are getting the best rate for your home or business?  The simplest and easiest way is by going to RD Energy’s www.rdenergypricechoice.com.

Electric rates in Ohio range from high to low even online.  Those suppliers with high marketing costs charge more for their electric….it’s a fact.  Even many online pricing sites have high rates due to their high marketing costs.  RD Energy keeps our costs low as well as our price offers.  At www.rdenergypricechoice.com  you will find some of the best prices available.  At RD Energy we like to say SHOP.  COMPARE.  SELECT. We’re highly confident if you compare electric prices on other online sites to those on www.rdenergypricechoice.com you’ll find that the best prices and easiest online enrollment process is with RD Energy

Getting signed up for a new electric rate in Ohio should not be hard.  RD Energy has made it easy.  To sign up for a new electric rate in Ohio go to www.rdenergypricechoice.com, enter your zip code and the best price offers appear.  This will provide an apples to apples price comparison of supplier pricing to take the work out of finding a new electric rate in Ohio.   Finish the enrollment process simply by entering information found directly on your bill and you’re done.  There is no online site more customer friendly.  Enrollment is safe and secure.

You will get all of the offers and terms in an easy to compare chart and see the savings off your old price.  All in one place.  It doesn’t get easier for homes and businesses in Ohio to find the lowest electric rate than shopping at www.rdenergypricechoice.com.    SHOP!  COMPARE! SELECT!

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