RD Energy’s partners include: Associations, Chambers, cities, villages, Demand Response customers and last but certainly not least electric and natural gas customers.  Many of our customers in the before-mentioned list work closely with RD Energy to better understand market trends in order to buy in a timely manner that results in great prices, attractive contract terms along with lower buyer stress and fatigue.  It’s critical to have a price that best meets budget requirements.  Our customers, regardless of type, seldom make an energy buying decision without talking with us first and getting our view of the market both now and upcoming.  Our long-term customers have bought into the concept that knowledge is power.  If they don’t have the time to learn all they need to make the smartest buying decisions, they know that they can depend on RD Energy for having the latest facts, trends and statistics.

RD Energy collaborates with their customers for the benefit of both parties regardless of the type of customer.  We work with business, cities, villages and large industrial complexes. In each case, we build a  strategy to structure their energy purchases around.  The strategy can be simple or complex, but every customer needs one. Often times our customers take our advice and run with it and makes their buying decisions quickly without much more thought.  As much as we appreciate and are pleased to be thought of so highly, we work hard to educate and inform our customers so they really understand the benefits and pitfalls of their chosen buying strategy.  By educating and sharing the latest trends and available energy data with our customers, we help manage our customer expectations.  No one likes surprises especially when the supplier or utility bills arrive.  That’s why we often review customer bills once a supplier and price is contracted to insure the billing is correct and frustration is avoided from the very start.

The best partners we could possibly have are our customers.  We are proud to have so many partners who rely on us to help create and facilitate their energy buying strategy.  The energy market is volatile and ever evolving.  Knowledge in this industry definitely is power.  Choosing RD Energy as your energy partner is the first step on the path to making smart energy decisions for your business.

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