RD Energy Newsletter: March 2017 for Lancaster, Ohio

March 2017 Newsletter

Key Market Drivers

  1. Dec ’16 – Feb ’17 has been the 2nd warmest winter on record
  2. In 2016 electric prices were the highest April  – July
  3. Long-term electric prices for 2018 – 2021 are still extremely attractive
  4. Question: will the warm winter translate into an extremely hot summer?
  5. Extremely hot summer = rising electric prices
  6. Natural gas storage levels only slightly above 5 year store averages
  7. Natural gas production still lagging year ago numbers
  8. LNG exports as well as natural gas fired electric generation are both up year over year
  9. Natural gas supply and demand still fairly balanced but sizable increased shale drilling expected
  10.  The warm winter has pushed natural gas prices down…will a hot summer push them up?


The groundhog needs to put his glasses on.  However, normal jet stream blocking patterns never materialized sending the jet stream well north of the Midwest.  In October NOAA forecasted a normal to colder than normal winter for the Midwest and Northeast.  Natural gas prices have retreated substantially off the December 2016 high point due to the warm winter, but they have not plunged like we have seen previously in warm winter years.  In past years when a glut of new natural gas production existed prices did plunge.  With the growing demand for natural gas and the slowing production prices are still higher than 8 of the 12 months of 2016 and higher than the first half of 2016.  Over the next 30 days customers with 2017 natural gas contract renewals should be reviewing current contract pricing versus new pricing rates and work to meet and beat current rates.  The lowest prices of 2017 could materialize over the next 30 days before trending back up later in the spring.  For those with electric contracts up in 2017 or 2018 we should review prices now since the forward prices are so attractive.  Where possible we should understand and discuss Demand Response and Peak Load Management.  Call us or visit our website for short videos on these products: www.rd-energy.com.

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RD Energy is Certified by the PUCO as a natural gas and power broker. We believe in creating a strategic energy purchasing strategy.  Timely buying, Demand Response and Peak Load Management are key tools available to buyers.  Given the opportunity RD Energy most often proves that more can be done to cut energy costs both for the short and long-term.  


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