Take Control: Reduce Stress and Costs


Take Control: Reduce Stress and Costs

Do you know what decision makers for large energy consumers struggle with the most?  Stress.  I bet you can guess one of the leading factors causing the stress: energy buying.  Why is that?  Energy buying sounds simple enough.  Get a good price, sign a contract, done.  Here’s the major curve ball: energy is a commodity, it’s constantly changing and it can be volatile.  How do you hit a moving target?

The other problem is that the energy sector is almost like a foreign language:  Kwh, kW, ccf, mcf, megawatt, PJM, Capacity, NYMYEX.  Sometimes price is weather driven, speculator driven, storage driven, production driven, export driven and the majority of the time many of the factors at the same time.

RD Energy fluently speaks the language.  We help implement a buying strategy while keeping the customers informed on the key drivers in the energy markets.  We want to drive your knowledge level so that making a decision doesn’t drive you crazy.  When we help you take control of your buying strategy you make better decisions, are less stressed and are much more likely to meet or beat your energy budget.  Think about it; going home on time, not taking your stress home with you and not dreading tomorrow’s work day.  RD Energy helps you take control, reduce your stress as well as your energy costs.

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