The S On Our Chest Stands For Strategy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio


The S On Our Chest Stands For Strategy 

Maybe it’s the accountant in me, or the budget guy in me, or the experience in senior management of a  large corporation where I learned the importance of having a strategy.  I believe much of the loyalty we have with our clients is due to the strong results we achieve by helping them create and implement an energy buying strategy.

Throughout the many years I’ve been in the energy business I’ve seen many market price swings up and down.  The swings can at times be extreme.  Customers want a good price.  Customers don’t want their energy budget blowing up.  Do you know what prevents that from happening?  A strategy.

As we continue our 13 REASONS WHY RD ENERGY series we’ll be talking more about to how assemble a good energy buying strategy.  We don’t want to ruin it for you…but it’s not always just about price.  Now that’s one heck of a cliff hanger!

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