Three Easy Steps for Consumers in Powell, Ohio to Save Money on Their Electric Bill

Step 1. Throw away the direct mail solicitation.  Step 2. Hang up on the telemarketers.  Step 3.  Log on to

Sounds too simple?  It is simple and is the best price option for homes and businesses in Powell, Ohio to get the best discounts on electric and natural gas fixed rates.  Why?  Telemarketing to consumers is very expensive.  Those expenses have to be included in the rate offers.  Direct mail campaigns is expensive.  Those costs have to be included in the rate offers.

When consumers in Powell, Ohio search for electric and natural gas fixed rates they will find prices without telemarketing costs and direct mail costs built into them.  The simple fact is they will find lower pricing.

Hang up on the telemarketing calls and recycle the direct mail flyers.  Homes and businesses in Powell, Ohio should just go to and find the best electric price for up to 3 years.  Shopping is easy and the sign up process is easy!


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