Variable Rate or Fixed Rate Energy Prices?  Do you know what you are paying? 

Consumers in Dublin, Ohio need to be on high alert!  If your fixed electric and natural gas price has expired, you are now being charged on a monthly variable rate. The variable rates you are being billed by the supplier on your monthly utility bill may be 100% higher (or more) than their contracted fixed rate!

RD Energy has helped one consumer in Dublin, Ohio drop their natural gas rate in half.  RD Energy helped one business save over $12,000/year.  As winter nears, consumers in Dublin, Ohio need to double check their bill and see what they are paying.  Don’t miss the chance to lower your electric and natural gas price before higher bills arrive. RD Energy helps consumers get the best apples to apples electric and natural gas price with no stress and no telemarketing calls. RD Energy is an Ohio company helping Ohio’s consumer’s get lower energy rates the safe and secure way.

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