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Demand Response is a voluntary program offered by PJM, the largest Transmission grid owner in North America, that allows medium to high electric consumers to be compensated for being available to help the transmission grid drop electric load in the event of a rare critical peak day on the grid.  Even if there is no critical event called for the year, participants will still earn the income by passing a one hour power reduction test each summer.

Who can participate?

 Manufacturers, Cities and Villages, Schools, grocery stores and more.

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What Is Demand Response?

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Demand Response program

the demand response program was created by pJM to reduce peak electric demand on the power grid during emergencies and pays customers annually to help do it.

The Basics

1. The annual income is based on the amount of electric load reduction each customer is able to do in emergencies.

2. Customers are paid whether there are electric PJM grade emergencies or not.

3. Customer compensation is reduced for non-performance but not below zero.

4. A PJM grid critical event can be called during periods of extreme heat and/or extreme cold.

5. A critical event is called up by pjm when the load on the electric grid is high enough that rolling brownouts are possible.

The Benefits

1. The customer receives an annual income based on electric load reduction:

- Annual KW pjm peak load contribution (PLC)

- PJM annual capacity auction rate

- Annual 1 hour test

2. The customer receives the income even if an emergency event is not called.

3. There's no penalty for non-performance during a peak event.

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