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The Energy market is a volatile and complex place to navigate.  For most buyers it seems to have a language all its own.  RD Energy is fluent in energy speak and works continuously to inform and educate clients in order to help eliminate the confusion, increase buying confidence, and lower the price and missed opportunity risk for buyers of all sizes.  Education and transparency are key. 

Understanding Deregulated Gas and Electric

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The More You Know!

We believe that the more you know the more confident you will be in your decisions.  Getting regular wholesale market updates and learning key strategic data facts helps to keep our clients informed and involved.  We provide every client, large and small a Scorecard that provides price transparency from our many suppliers.  It also gives clients confidence in their buying decisions by knowing they performed their due diligence. 

It is Not Just About Price!

Buying energy is not just about deciding on a price at a point in time.  We help our clients assemble a strategy to bring other tools and opportunities to the plan in order to further lower the energy spend or to reduce upside risk in a bullish energy wholesale marketplace.  Our clients have been loyal over the past 15+ years due to the value we place on building and maintaining an energy buying strategy and keeping our clients informed on the latest market trends.  They also know we don’t disappear after the contract is complete.  At RD Energy we’re just getting started.

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