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The Shocking Truth About Supplier Electric and Natural Gas Offers to the General Public!

It is SHOCKING.  The more I explored the PUCO Supplier Apples to Apples chart for electric and natural gas rate offers for residents, the more shocked I was.  These offers are being aggressively solicited to homeowners via phone or door to door. Some suppliers show pricing on the Apples to Apples chart artificially low to start for 1-3 months. Once they have the customer snared, they start billing an excessively high fixed rate after the

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We Have to Shift The Thinking on Government Aggregation!

Community leaders and many residents often assume Governmental Aggregation is a product being forced on them and taking away their freedom of choice.  In truth, Aggregation is an opportunity for residents.  We hear all the time how people hate the many natural gas and electric aggressive telemarketing calls.  Who knows if the price offer is good? Is the supplier honest and certified? What about door to door sales people.  Are they offering a fair price?  Nope! 

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RD Energy Newsletter: June 2019-energy-update

June 2019 Energy Update Key Drivers Milder March, April, May and early June temperatures versus last year 89 bcf/day of natural gas production versus 79 bcf/day in 2018 A weak El Nino will likely result in warmer than normal temperatures this summer Nuclear generation in 2019 is trailing 2018 and more plants are to be retired this year Natural gas fired generation to make up most of the Nuclear generation gap LNG export capacity to double in

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RD Energy Newsletter: May 2019-energy-update

May 2019 Energy Update Key Drivers Continued growth in U.S. natural gas production Abnormally warm April 2019 in the Midwest Continued growth in natural gas fired electric generation Buyers of LNG force change in the pricing model   Commentary April 2018 was much colder than normal, there was a robust economy, strong LNG exports, growing Mexico gas exports, growth in natural gas fired generation and a natural gas storage deficit in the U.S.  All of

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RD Energy Newsletter: April 2019-energy-update

April  2019 Energy Update Key Drivers The United States natural gas storage deficit at the end winter 2019 Unlike 2018 will the natural gas storage deficit quickly disappear this spring? Spring’s natural gas production surplus over natural gas spring demand When will higher natural gas demand show up to lower the production surplus? Commentary At first glance the natural gas storage deficit as we end the 2018/2019 winter appears very bullish for natural gas and electric prices. 

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RD Energy Newsletter:March 2019-energy-update

March 2019 Energy Update Key Drivers   Record breaking U.S. natural gas production Record breaking U.S. natural gas demand Abnormally cold beginning to March End of the storage season deficit   Commentary It’s entertaining to watch the wholesale energy traders shift their buy/sell positions every time the temperature forecasts change from one Friday to the following Monday.  We’ve seen some major temperature shifts this winter over several weekends.  NYMEX prices peaked in December and then they went

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RD Energy Newsletter: February 2019-energy-update

February 2019 Energy Update Key Data   January 2019 NYMEX closed at $3.642/MMBT.  February recently closed at $2.95/MMBTU March  – October 2018 NYMEX averaged $2.845/MMBTU.  March – October 2 019 is trading at an average of $2.893/MMBTU NYMEX calendar 2020 is trading at an average of $2.769/MMBTU.  NYMEX calendar 2021 is trading at an average of $2.64/MMBTU Commentary   It’s important to understand why the U.S. recently experienced a “polar vortex” event.  It is rare for  the

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RD Energy Newsletter: January 2019

January 2019 Energy Update Key Drivers November – colder than normal temperatures December- warmer than normal temperatures January- updated forecasts to warmer than normal Storage deficit- 19% lower than year ago and 5 year average levels   Commentary In mid-December both American and European weather models were confident that the colder than normal November was going to be followed by a colder than normal January.  Two weeks later both forecast models declared their expectations of the reforming

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