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The wholesale market is at such a historically attractive low point that businesses of all sizes can fix a deregulated supply for 12, 24, 36 months or longer in order to provide a great way for businesses to control costs and more easily budget their energy spend. The long-term fixed prices offered will be based on annual usage, load pattern, utility rate class and contract term.  Plus, the deregulated market provides long term price stability vs short term volatility from utility variable rates. 

There will be no service change. Your utility bill will still come from the utility as before. The only change you will see is on the supply part of your utility bill.   The utility line item for the supply cost will be replaced with the new fixed supply cost and the new supplier name.
Your utility bill contains information like utility rate class, monthly and annual usage volumes along with the current supply cost whether it’s from the utility or another alternative third party supplier.  This data on your utility bill allows us to gather unbiased prices from a variety of suppliers and shown for comparison purposes on our Scorecard. In this way your bill gives us the necessary information in order to provide you with a no obligation energy bill audit so you can choose the lowest price.    
There is no change in who you call in case of an emergency.  Your utility will continue to service you as they always have before if issues regarding your electric or natural gas service at your home or business come up.

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