We Have to Shift The Thinking on Government Aggregation!

We Have to Shift The Thinking on Government Aggregation!

Community leaders and many residents often assume Governmental Aggregation is a product being forced on them and taking away their freedom of choice.  In truth, Aggregation is an opportunity for residents.  We hear all the time how people hate the many natural gas and electric aggressive telemarketing calls.  Who knows if the price offer is good? Is the supplier honest and certified? What about door to door sales people.  Are they offering a fair price?  Nope!  Telemarketing calls and door to door sales have earned their bad names.  However, the reason it continues is because it is still highly successful!  Shocking, but true.  How?  Residents and small businesses want to save money on their electric and natural gas costs, but what we hear the most is, “I don’t know where to shop to find the best price.”


This is where community leaders can help residents and small businesses get the best electric and natural gas prices.  Learn the facts about Governmental Aggregation and share the great news with your community.  Aggregation provides lower group prices than consumers can get shopping on their own, they have the ability to leave or join the program whenever with no exit or entrance fees, they avoid paying extremely high month to month prices when supplier fixed rates end, and lastly, but just as importantly, residents and small businesses in the community will very likely see a huge savings as they transition from their current supplier contracts to the low priced Aggregation program.  Remember this critically important point: no one is ever forced to join or stay in the Aggregation program.  There are multiple opportunities to opt out of the program before it starts.  Participants can also leave the program with no exit fee at any time during the contract term.  What’s the downside?  Absolutely nothing.


We have to shift the thinking on Government Aggregation!  This is not a program being forced on residents.  This program is an option.  A better option that provides constituents the best pricing and total flexibility whether to join it or stay in the program.  This is an option forward thinking local leaders have worked to establish because they know they can provide their residents with a lower, money saving opportunity.    It is a program that residents and small businesses can rely on for the best prices on electric and natural gas.  It may surprise some community leaders and some residents may not want to admit it, but local residents and small business owners know, like and trust their community leaders much more than those persons soliciting by phone or door to door.  Aggregation historically has 80% – 90% participation of those eligible, and many more joining when they compare the low program price to their own high supplier price.   Residents need help in finding the best possible price along with the peace of mind knowing that they are being looked out for by someone they know and trust.  Community leaders need to help.  There is a recognized need not being served in the community and we at RD Energy have the best solution to help community leaders meet the need!


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