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How Does Governmental aggregation work?

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Aggregation is simply the community combining their buying power to reap rewards they seldom can achieve on their own.  Local residents and small businesses join together to save money on their electric and gas bills, avoid early termination fees and take advantage of “green” supply.   Ohio allows its communities — such as townships, villages, cities and counties — to form aggregated buying groups in order to purchase electric and/or natural gas supply on behalf of their citizens.

Before becoming the owner of RD Energy, Darrell Bragg was VP and General Manager of a Fortune 1000 Energy Company.  One of his areas of focus and oversight was their Governmental Aggregation efforts in a multi-state area. Darrell has extensive experience in the steps a community needs to go through to get the ballot passed by voters, questions by community leaders as well as the community itself answered, and finally, the aggregation program fully implemented.

RD Energy has the knowledge and expertise that makes the procedure painless for community leaders. RD Energy works with suppliers that fit best with communities to offer unique pricing along with:

  1. 24/7 Call centers
  2. Web pages to keep community members informed and educated
  3. Toll-free numbers when residents or local businesses have questions
From start to finish, RD Energy will be there to lead your group with program implementation, strategic buying, and community member customer service.

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