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RD Energy Rewards

With the RD Energy Rewards program, new business customers will receive cash rewards annually. 

How Does it Work?

Shop for the Lowest Price

Our RD Energy Price Comparison Scorecard shows all the competitive electric supplier offers in a simple apples to apples format. Once the best price is chosen and contracted by the customer we will track monthly usage and send the business their RD Energy Rewards check annually.  


Enjoy Your Rewards!

RD Energy sends out annual rewards at the end of each year for each new business customer.  Did you sign a three or four year contract?  The RD Energy Rewards program will pay out annually for the entire length of the initial contract. The longer the supply contract the longer you earn RD Energy Rewards!   

It now pays more than ever to partner with RD Energy: Find the best electric price, lock-in long-term supply savings and earn annual RD Energy Reward checks!


RD Energy…Uniquely positioned in the community to help every
business maximize their savings potential on electric and natural gas and for a
limited time opportunity receive RD Energy Rewards’ annual cash back checks!

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